Yid Army T-shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies 

Yid Army

Yid Army T-shirt printed with any town or location

Division Two

Season 1977-78 T-shirt when Tottenham dipped into Division 2 for a memorable season. When football was football...

London N17

Yid Army London N17 with Fighting Cock

Shelf Side

When did you first stand on the Shelf? Just add the year and get a personalised t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoody.

Park Lane

When was your first game in the Park Lane? Just add the year to get a personalised t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoody.

Paxton Road

Paxton, Paxton give us a song? Just add the year of your first game to get a personalised t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoody.

Every Gunner...

Every Gunner is a Runner t-shirt which was available near White Hart Lane station in the 70's and 80's.


We'll take more care of you...Steve Archibald T-shirt

North London is Ours!

F*ck off back to Woolwich T-shirt

Can't Smile...

You know I can't Smile without you - Yid ArmyT-shirt

North London's Finest

Yid Army Fighting Cockerell T-shirt - London N17

Being a Yid

Being a Yid, The Thing I Love Most, is Being a Yid T-shirt

The Thing I Love Most...

The thing I love Most is being a Yid T-shirt or Hoody

Gunner Runner Coaster

Based on the classic design from the 80's

Can't Smile Coffee Mug

Personalise this Can't Smile Without You Coffee Mug with any name or wording on the reverse